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Did you know The Fonz has Dyslexia?

I got a warm hug from The Fonz last night!  Did you know Henry Winkler has dyslexia? He has written a memoir which mentions his struggles and ways he overcame reading and memorizing scripts! He also had to take geometry 4x before passing---and no one has once said "hypotenuse" to him since high school. He attended Yale regardless.  He has co-written several children's books, including ones featuring overcoming dyslexia stigma! Here's a link to one series he has co-written: Hank Zipzer Collection 10 Books Set Pack Henry Winkler And Lin Oliver Thank you, Brian Copeland, for introducing him to me last night. #CABrainWaves #neurodiversity  

Our Halloween Neurodiversity Game Show vids have posted!

Check out what our Neurodiversity Nonprofit did on Halloween--a Halloween Neurodiversity Game Show! See our Neurodiversity Storytime Series as well!