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7H20, a Live/Work/Learn/Play Therapeutic Campus for Bay Area Special Needs Families!

  7H20, a Live/Work/Learn/Play Therapeutic Campus  for Bay Area Special Needs Families!  Our Social Franchise Components: Caregiver's Cove & Restaurant Caregiver's Cove will be a retreat for Caregivers to commiserate, learn, grow, heal together. It will be a resource library complete with workshops, guest speakers, events, support groups. We will film our YouTube Channel onsite, and host fundraisers, private parties and events onsite. Caregiver's Cove will have a restaurant and garden. We plan for Caregiver's Cove to be on the rooftop of Oasis Apartments. BrainWaves Care Center BrainWaves Care Center will be an all-in-one medical facility onsite for people with brain and developmental disabilities. We will include a hospital, urgent care, doctors' offices, therapies, a pharmacy, holistic and Western medicine, a spa, a research and diagnostics center, mobile crisis care. Water Lily RTP Our onsite Residential Treatment Program (RTP) will be for all ages  who need

Our Plan

  Our Plan We are in the start-up, foundation stage. Our current objective is to build a very strong foundation by hand-selecting a powerful team.  For the rest of 2022, we will focus our energy on networking, marketing, fundraising. Our first development will be a new build that is sustainability focused.  We will develop a Live/Work/Learn/Play Therapeutic Campus for Special Needs Families in the  San Francisco Bay Area, named 7H20 .   Our nonprofit specifically caters to all ages and stages of people with brain and developmental disabilities. Cities we want to build in:  San Leandro  by the Marina,  Lafayette  by the Reservoir,  Martinez  by Briones or the water,  Benicia  by the water,  Palo Alto  by the water. We stay coastal due to brain chemistry changing in heat, causing an increase in seizures, psychosis, SPD and ASD episodes, dementia and Alzheimer's episodes, memory loss, confusion, heat stroke, migraines, etc. Due to Global Warming, we want to develop coastal campuses to

California BrainWaves Mission and Vision Statement

  California BrainWaves Nonprofit for Special Needs Families  Our Mission  is to increase housing, education, research, medical care, specialized training, legal aid, and community support systems for people of all ages with brain and developmental disabilities. Our Vision  is to develop pivotal live/work/learn/play therapeutic campuses for people with brain and developmental disabilities and their loved ones, preventing traumatizing and expensive family separations. At California BrainWaves, staff, caregivers, and neurotypical siblings are also a priority in receiving support. In addition, we focus on  de-stigmatizing  brain and developmental disabilities.