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California BrainWaves Programs

  California BrainWaves Programs Healing Arts Program T he Healing Arts Program establishes art therapy at our venues, celebrates art expression across our social media platforms, hosts art activities at our events, ensures art supplies are always stocked at our facilities,  hosts workshops as fundraisers, arranges art and decor at our locations, and more.  Design Team The Design Team focuses on our sustainable architectural design, facility decor, sensory integration designing, landscaping, disaster relief engineering, safety and accessibility engineering, security, and more! Fundraising Committee Without funding, our Nonprofit can't move forward in helping to alleviate the  problems our  disabled community faces, such as stigma, isolation, lack of research and support. Our Fundraising Committee is key in creating a permanent change in society regarding brain and developmental disabilities. Not only do they fundraise, but these volunteers help de-stigmatize brain and developmental