Did you know The Fonz has Dyslexia?

I got a warm hug from The Fonz last night!  Did you know Henry Winkler has dyslexia? He has written a memoir which mentions his struggles and ways he overcame reading and memorizing scripts! He also had to take geometry 4x before passing---and no one has once said "hypotenuse" to him since high school. He attended Yale regardless.  He has co-written several children's books, including ones featuring overcoming dyslexia stigma! Here's a link to one series he has co-written: Hank Zipzer Collection 10 Books Set Pack Henry Winkler And Lin Oliver Thank you, Brian Copeland, for introducing him to me last night. #CABrainWaves #neurodiversity  

Our Halloween Neurodiversity Game Show vids have posted!

Check out what our Neurodiversity Nonprofit did on Halloween--a Halloween Neurodiversity Game Show! See our Neurodiversity Storytime Series as well!

Join California BrainWaves on Halloween to Save Your Brain from the Zombies!

Join California BrainWaves on Halloween Day in the SF Bay Area 6-8pm at Antonio Cardenas 15th Annual Halloween Display in San Leandro, CA! Actor/Comedian Brian Copeland will be quizzing people on brain facts: if they guess right, they win candy; if they guess wrong, they are sacrificed to the zombies! Videos will be posted on our youtube, tik tok, social media channels. California BrainWaves is a local nonprofit fighting to end the stigma on neurodiversity. #CABrainWaves Donate on Venmo @CABrainWaves.

Community Outreach by California BrainWaves

Our 6th Arts and Crafts Swap was another success! Today, a volunteer and I dropped off the left-over goodies to Washington Elementary School in San Leandro--they loved the freebies! Thank you to all who came out and played--California BrainWaves appreciates our community bond!

Contact California BrainWaves

Kiera Rain, Founder 925-804-1718  All Social Media: /CABrainWaves

California BrainWaves Book Drive!

📚Ask: 📚 I'm working on a book drive for California BrainWaves Family Re-Entry Program. We need bookshelves and books to be donated on-sites like Rubicon-CORE in Hayward and Oakland to make indoor Free Lil Libraries!  Email m e for more details as we start up this project. 😎