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Home Make-Over Challenge as our Fundraiser!

Are you living in a messy, cluttered home and ready to transform your space? I do complete home make-overs--every room, nook and cranny! I've been a Professional Organizer for 20 yrs, and proceeds benefit our local nonprofit California BrainWaves!  Text me at 925-804-1718 to schedule a free phone consult.  Pricing, Services, FAQ, before and after pics, testimonials are all here:  4.5 stars on Yelp! I always leave room for immediate availability.  If you are too embarrassed to have people over, I'm the one you need to call.

Spreading Cheer at our Joy Brigade!

This month, we'll be doodling uplifting chalk art on the sidewalks of DT SL! Meet us at the front entrance of the Main Library tomorrow at 6pm! Chalk provided. Join the Joy Brigade! FREE! All Ages Welcome! Strollers, Pets, Roller shoes, Wheelchairs Welcome! 4th Mondays, 6-7pm, rain or shine DT San Leandro Main Library Front Entrance Move for Mental Health! hosted by California BrainWaves We are a small group that walks/strolls/rolls the local neighborhoods spreading joy and cheer! IDEAS to SPREAD JOY: Wear a fun shirt or colorful leggings Dress in Costume (the more outrageous, the better!) Chalk Uplifting Phrases/Doodles on Sidewalk Wear Headphones and Dance Wave and Smile at Passersby Walk with an Uplifting Handmade Sign Stim Freely

San Leandro Arts Association Gifts California BrainWaves with Sandwich Board for Marketing our Events!

What a WONDERFUL event California BrainWaves hosted today!! 1/m FREE Arts and Crafts Swap! We had:  Bubbles, Chalk, Cars, Legos, Octopus Ring Toss, Football, and even a booth using art to aide people with Dementia/Alzheimers!  The library's new sidewalk obstacle course was getting lots of play! The Farmer's Market was a hit again, lots to choose from, plus Live Music! Loved the singer/guitar player today.  Thank you to all the amazing volunteers today--from 6 yo kids to seniors, we all collabed to make the event a big success!  ANDddddd we were gifted a brand new Sandwich board for our events by the San Leandro Arts Association!!!! How cool is that?!  ☺️☺️πŸŽ¨πŸ–Œ️πŸ–Ό️🧡🧢🏳️‍🌈🎨☺️☺️