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California BrainWaves Mission & Vision Statement

Our Mission is to increase support for neurodiversity in the way of housing, employment, education, research, medical care, specialized training, legal aid, and community systems.  Our Vision is to develop pivotal live/work/learn/play therapeutic campuses for people with brain and developmental disabilities and their loved ones, preventing traumatizing and expensive family separations. At California BrainWaves, staff, caregivers, and neurotypical siblings are also a priority in receiving support. In addition, we focus on de-stigmatizing neurodiversity.  Our 501(c)3 Federal Tax Identification Number: 88-2578053 

Michigan State University Students Craft Tik Tok Videos for California BrainWaves!

Michigan State University students reached out to California BrainWaves to help with our social media content needs! They made 6 tik tok videos for their semester's project to volunteer for California BrainWaves! Here's their intro video: California BrainWaves Tik Tok #neurodiversity #campuslife #mentalhealthawareness #developmentaldisabilities #support #nonprofit