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California BrainWaves' 7H20 Campus Concept Rendering

Drum roll, please!!! Today, my vision for 7H20 Neurodiversity Campuses came one step further into existence thanks to a professional concept rendering by Harvard and Radcliffe alumni, Mara Sachs, referred by Dr. Deborah Zelinsky, Founder of MindEye Institute! California BrainWaves is a nonprofit with the below vision of a social franchise model of live/work/learn/play therapeutic campuses for families and individuals with brain and developmental disabilities. Everyone, Meet 7H20:

Michigan State University Dedicates another Semester to Volunteering for California BrainWaves!

Lily Morelock contacted me in 2022 via email, inviting California BrainWaves to participate in her school's program where marketing students support nonprofits of their choosing. We were honored to be messaged, then chosen, esp since we are across the country from them, in a different time zone! Today they signed us up for this semester, too!  Last Semester they made tik tok videos for us. I think this year we will have this class compete with last year's to see who comes up with the best tik tok vids! Will they accept the challenge? SCNO Program at Michigan State University Lily Morelock on LinkedIn:

NAMI East Bay Sponsored our $750 Travel Costs for the SBMT LA Convention!

Today I received a check for $750 from NAMI East Bay! NAMI stands for National Association on Mental Illness. We had asked our contacts for a sponsorship of $750 for our travel costs for the upcoming LA Convention hosted by The Society for Brain Mapping and Therapeutics (SBMT). Over 600 neuroscientists and doctors from across the globe will be in attendance with thousands more watching our professionally filmed speeches!  We are ever so grateful to NAMI East Bay for this amazing honor of being sponsored by them!  Learn more here:

4 of Us Are Speaking at the Society for Brain Mapping and Therapeutics (SBMT) LA Convention next week!

In less than a week I'll be Speaking at the Society for Brain Mapping and Therapeutics (SBMT) convention in LA, where our California BrainWaves' Treasurer Dr. Deborah Zelinsky is the incoming President! My presentation is "Solutions for Special Needs Families with Brain and Developmental Disabilities!" There will be over 600 neuro scientists/drs in attendance from around the globe! And I get to share my vision of our 7H20 Neurodiversity Campuses! California BrainWaves Speakers: Leighton Hinkley, Deborah Zelinksy, Douglas Major, Kiera Rain

We need a Sponsor for a one-time tax deductible donation of $750 for our Event Travel Costs

California BrainWaves needs a Sponsor (agency, church, synagogue, nonprofit, organization) for a one-time donation of $750, tax write-off, for our travel/hotel expenses for our mid-Feb Neuroscience Convention in LA, where 5 of us on the team will be speaking/networking to 600+ neuro scientists/drs/engineers. Who do you know who can help? Venmo @CABrainWaves