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Contact California BrainWaves

Kiera Rain, Founder 925-804-1718  All Social Media: /CABrainWaves

California BrainWaves Book Drive!

📚Ask: 📚 I'm working on a book drive for California BrainWaves Family Re-Entry Program. We need bookshelves and books to be donated on-sites like Rubicon-CORE in Hayward and Oakland to make indoor Free Lil Libraries!  Email m e for more details as we start up this project. 😎 

Do you live in a messy home?

Are you living in a messy, cluttered home and ready to transform your space? I do complete home make-overs--every room, nook and cranny! I've been a Professional Organizer for 20 yrs, and proceeds benefit our local nonprofit California BrainWaves!  Text me at 925-804-1718 to schedule a free phone consult.  Pricing, Services, FAQ, before and after pics, testimonials are all here:  4.5 stars on Yelp! I always leave room for immediate availability.  If you are too embarrassed to have people over, I'm the one you need to call.